Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LDS Scriptures 3.0 - Now Open Source

My most popular Chrome extension, LDS Scriptures, has been moved. You can still download the 2.3 version from the Chrome Web Store, but the newest Alpha and any future updates will be on GitHub. You should have no issues running both side by side, except for when Chrome ends the API's used in version 2.3.

It features a partially completed, total rewrite of version 2. It can now access much more content, including chapter headings and footnotes. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to continue to develop it, so I am leaving it to the open source community if they would like to contribute. I will likely go to it every now and then to make updates and cleanup. I will also look at pull requests, but please don't expect any updates any time soon. This has been a great resource for myself and others, so I hope that it continues to get use. I have been learning a lot about JavaScript and development processes in general as I have been working on this project, but I find the Chrome Extension platform too unstable. The existing code will run somewhat on FireFox. I have not tested it recently, but earlier tries have worked with the help of the PHP file included in the project.

Try it out and see more details in the GitHub project.